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                        SCREAMING TUNNEL

 The Urban Legend of a Screaming Girl

The legend of the old train tunnel in Thorold (Niagara Falls) has been a right-of-passage for Niagara youth for over a century. Those who brave it at night, holding up one wooden match to face the angry little girl will instantly become cool.
This imposing structure at night transforms into a portal so anxiety inducing for the bravest soul who’d dare disappear into its darkness. But why such fear… and why a wooden match?

The Screaming Tunnel is the result of a devastating tragedy over 100 years ago involving a young girl and a raging fire.  

                  One local lore recounts a young girl who escaped a burning barn near the tunnel. Her clothing ablaze, she sought the water which ran through it. She managed to reach the tunnel; but it was too late, and she died from severe burns within.
Another tells of an enraged and jealous father who dragged his daughter down to the tunnel and set her on fire over a lost custody battle.
And some say she was attacked by an old drunkard who did terrible things to her. He killed her, and then set her body ablaze to destroy any evidence of the assault.

Screaming Tunnel Niagara Falls. Most Haunted Places in Canada

The Legend of The Screaming Girl, in The Screaming Tunnel.
Although each story is different, the outcome is always the same: she screams to death.
They say if you stand in the middle of the tunnel at night and strike a wooden match, the spirit of the girl will become so frightened she’ll penetrate the void between our world and the dead with her screams.
A gust a wind will then blow through the tunnel and extinguish the flame. This is what draws droves of thrill-seekers to the Screaming Tunnel every year.
Places in Niagara?

Local historians tell a different tale. There was once a small group of houses which surrounded the tunnel. It was a very isolated community, and all the neighbors within grew to know each other very well; they even knew each other’s secrets.
There was one particularly odd couple who fought fiercely almost every night. The woman was disliked by the neighbors, and was known to be a little unhinged.

Screaming Tunnel in Darkness. Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.
Screaming Tunnel in the dark.

After each fight, she would walk out into the darkness to the tunnel. Through the veil of black, she moved blindly to where she perceived the middle-point of the tunnel was and screamed at the top of her lungs.
Legend says she wanted all to hear her and feel her pain.         
If you’re into dark, terrifying tunnels, The Screaming Tunnel is not the only haunted tunnel is Niagara. The Blue Ghost Tunnel is another that’s the result of a terrible tragedy long ago.  

Our team experience - -says.....
We visited the tunnel for prior events. During a Niagara Haunted Bus Trip, we put the legend to test. Daniel of The Ghost Walks stood in the middle of the tunnel and took out a wooden match. A group of about 10 people waited as struck it along the box and a flame shot out.
A high-pitched squeal came from above as wind blew through the tunnel. The flame did not blow out as the noise faded.
No, not the little girl. It was a passing train going along on the tracks overtop the tunnel.

Don’t be discouraged - -
Don’t let our disappointing experience deter you.
The little girl of the Screaming Tunnel remains one of the most disturbing legends in all of Canada inside the creepiest place around. Respect this, even though we have alternate historical evidence…
Legend of the Screaming Tunnel
The far end of the tunnel leads into a pathway through woods. Along this path once existed a very small cluster of homes. A close knit community all around separated on two sides of a hill.
Everyone knew everyone else’s business including the distraught couple with an alcoholic dad, an abused wife and their daughter.
After getting too violent with her, the wife filed for divorce. Leaving him while the husband was drunk, on this night she told him it was over and went to take the daughter and leave.    

    This sent the husband into a rage. That was his daughter, a possession to show off the normal life he for which he wished. If he couldn’t have the girl, neither could his ungrateful wife.
He pried the daughter away from his wife as he swung his fist around knocking the scared woman down. The daughter ran, out of the house and into the dark tunnel to hide.
Crouched down, she heard her father’s steps approach until his breathing was just above in the darkness. A snap and cold liquid poured down on her before the darkness lit up around a small match falling to the ground.
The daughter was burned alive inside that tunnel, screaming out. Today it’s those screams which give the tunnel its name, a reminder of such tragedy.
They say, if you walk into the Screaming Tunnel at night and light a wooden match. The spirit of the daughter’s fear will cause her to reach out, screaming, as a gust of wind blows through extinguishing the fire.

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